The Sacred Grove

Standing among these ancient trees

They remain the witness of the virginal and unspoiled land

All the way back, beyond our memory

Bearing thousands of seasons of life giving oils, fruits, and wood

The trees of life all the way back

Different places, different species, but always supporting life

Supporting my imagination


The connections of Heaven and Earth: Pansonias described the sacred groves, Aesculapius at Epidarus, Argus on Laconia, plane trees in Lerna and Altis sacred to Zeus,

Colophon in Ionia-Apollo’s ash tree, Lycosura Olive and evergreen oaks


The sacred grove of Dodona, Sanutary of Zeus, Epirus Greece,

Oldest Hellenic oracle, by 2nd C. AD a single oak, 391 AD Christians cut it down

Jason’s ship Argo the Thespian’s prow cut from the father Zeus oak at Doden


The ancient cedar grove on Mt. Lebanon, choice timber for Perian, Greek, Phoenians Navies. Now one grove high up in the mountains remains

Transformed into trees, Daphne to Laurel, Smiliax to Yew, Atys to Pine, Pan to Oak,

Aphrodite to Myrtle


Yggdrasil the sacred tree of the Uppsala Norsemen, the world tree, a giant ash or yew

Anglesea Mona’s isle in Wales where the Shrines and Holy Groves of the Druids were destroyed by the Romans


Celtic tribes named after trees Nemeton the Celtic word for sacred grove,

Nemet holy wood


Lake Nemi in the Alban hills, Diana’s mirror, the moon goddess

where she protected the sacred grove and animals


Siddhartha Gautama enlighted under the Pipal tree, the Banyan Renewal


The tree of life, the tree of knowledge, good and evil

The Cult of the cross, Christ’s cross cut from the tree of knowledge


Thor’s oak felled in 723 AD by St. Boniface

It’s wood to build a church and break the pagan influence


Grizzly Giant, Angel Oak, Ancient Sequoia Mariposa Grove, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Patriarch Grove


Bearing witness, All the way back, beyond our memory