The Grid – Artist Statement

The beginnings of the portfolio The Grid started while working on the images for Caught on Wire. While working with plastic in the studio to create abstractions the idea of tiling sections of the plastic together was explored. The goal being to create a single image that stands alone as an independent image yet when combined with other similar images creates a greater image of the entire object. This idea is the underlying concept of the portfolio.

The Grid creates frames within the image to observe through. It allows the juxtaposition of images against each other to contrast light, shapes, design and themes. It break objects up into smaller pieces, and as well allows the creation of very large scale works for big spaces.

On or off The Grid, Tiled Vs Mosaic, framed Vs unframed. The idea of mosaics free the space to be manipulated in an abstract and cubistic manner.

Ideas explored include road surfaces and markers, building sides and details, cars and details,  signs, and found objects.

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